Thermal Deburring and Dry Abrasive Blasting of Zinc Die Casting for the Automotive Industry

At Burr-Off, we have the expertise to provide economical, high-productivity, high-throughput solutions for both deburring and surface finish/preparation of small parts. We processed the zinc die cast handles highlighted here for a customer in the automotive industry. Featuring dimensions of 3.775″ in length, 1.635″ in width, and 0.425″ in thickness, the project utilized our highly automated thermal deburring process, which solved the problem of removing all trace particulate from these parts while maintaining their ±0.004″ dimensional accuracy.

We completed this job with maximum quality and production efficiency and minimize production costs. We currently process in the range of 300,000 units on an annual basis. If you would like to learn more about this project or any of our finishing services, contact us today.

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